Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The First Offer

I found a place that's perfect for me!  It's in a wonderful location! With a great layout! What a view! And, lots of closet space! (Just shhh about the grotesquely stained carpet, water rot in the kitchen and windows that aren't quite up to code...) It's perfect!

Now it's time---for the first time in my life---to make an offer on a piece of real estate that could actually be mine ALL MINE!

How do I bid on a property? I dunno. Apparently, it first involves two full days of phone and email tag with my realtor followed by lots of waiting and waiting and stomach-aching and waiting.

In the meantime, I'm crunching numbers trying to come up with an offer that works within my budget, isn't insulting, but is realistic to the property's worth and also mourning the impending loss of my savings account.

Yes, after years of saving up for this very moment, my mind can't help but wander to the place of "other things I could have done with this money instead of spending most of it in one big chunk":

  • Gone to Disney World, like, a dozen times.
  • Visited the emergency room more than a dozen times.
  • Added 100+ pairs of leather boots to my collection.
  • Purchased over a thousand large pizzas without a coupon.

But, forget all of that.  Because, I'm wasting even more of my thoughts on decorating the place that I'm still waiting to bid on.

Hello Pinterest!

I need this:
...and this:

...one of these:

...a chalkboard wall in the kitchen:

...a barn door for the hallway:

...for the bathroom:

...and, of course, one of these, please!

Or, maybe I just need my realtor to get me that paperwork. Stat!

P.S. Pinterest is funny.