Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Florida Room

Since every inch of the poopy carpet* is in the process of being replaced, yet I'm chomping at the bit to start decorating, the easy choice was to start with the three rooms that aren't waiting on the Home Depot team to lay new flooring.

The easiest of those places to start was in my Florida room.

Everything had already been purchased and was waiting in storage, so once the dingy white carpet was gone, all it needed was a good floor scrubbing and some caulk to replace the peeled-off stuff under the windows. (Note to self: Must buy caulking. That part didn't actually happen yet.)

Chair, table and rugs from Target.
Chevron outdoor pillows from

My favorite thing about this room: The brick wall and the colors! I'm a lover of color. Which is also my way of warning, "Brace yourself. There's more of that to come!"

More chairs and rugs from Target.

What this room will be used for: I decorated very inexpensively here because I hadn't fully decided what this space will be used for. If I change my mind along the way, there will be no crying over tossing out the $19 Adirondack chairs. I'll get more than $19 use out of them this summer alone. Anticipated use: Reading, blogging, snacking and petting of cats. (Whoops! Not plural. Just cat. Keep me accountable with that, please!)

I prefer to use trends like chevron in easily replaceable ways,
like these cheapo rugs and throw pillows. That way once the trend
is laid to rest, I won't be crying over painted chevron floors or tile work.

What I'd still like to do with this space: I've been scoping out local antique shops for the perfect vintage street sign for the brick wall... although I'd also kind of hate to cover any inch of it up. Festive outdoor lights will probably be added as well.

Punny street sign option for the "cougar den".

*Reassuring me in my repulsion of the state of the old carpet was my brother who, when lifting the throw rug the owner had left behind as camouflage, blurted out "AUGH!!! What did he do in here?!" See, doubters. It's not pop stains, coffee spills or other once edible substances. It was poop. (You may now debate the relation of poop to "once edible substances" amongst yourselves.)

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