Monday, July 13, 2015

The Kitchen

Three words about my kitchen: 1.) Skinny, 2.) Boring, 3.) Wallpaper.

This scrawny galley kitchen was the room I least wanted to spend time in and most wanted to touch when I moved in. (Then, the idea of peeling wallpaper made me not want to touch it at all, but just wake up one morning to find it magically renovated.)

Once I started adding my own stuff to it and the new appliances arrived after the Fridge Ordeal... it's starting to grow on me.

I reminded myself it could be worse. It could be any of the other kitchens I visited while house-hunting. If there must be wallpaper, at least it's a neutral color. If there must be boring peel-and-stick tile, at least it's in the same matching neutral.

I don't know why I originally hated the stainless steel backsplash so much. (I have an unpopular theory that stainless steel will become the Harvest Gold of the 2020's and have been avoiding it in exchange for the ever-okay white.) But, now that my stuff is in there, I realize the wall plays well with the metallic features of my small appliances.

All in all, the kitchen is still not my favorite room. But, it ain't so bad.

My favorite thing about this room:

Crockpot by Crockpot, purchased at Target
Red outdoor rug, also from Target
Adorable breadbox, by Waverly. Purchased at
Yellow tinted Bell jar from JoAnn Fabric. Spatulas from here and there.
(Here and There is not a store, by the way.)

This once boring room is all about the little things that give it some graphics and its pop of color. My favorite Crock Pot. The perfect red rug that happens to match my adorable breadbox. (Psst... it's an outdoor rug, purchased from Target's patio section clearance. 50% off and I can spill on it and much as I plan to!) Not to mention the new oven and fridge that actually work and are not in danger of imploding at any given moment.

Just don't ask about my dishwasher that, turns out, has not one inch of metal to it.

What this room will be used for: It's amazing how much I drift through this hidden corner. I planned on only spending about 1% of my time in the kitchen. But, it turns out, being hypoglycemic, I eat alot more than I'd like to admit. (Time to gain some of that weight back!) Not to mention the time spent chasing my nephews out of the cookie cupboard. Plus, it's where I stash the tools, scissors and batteries. My kitchen's work is never done!

One more use for the kitchen. Adoption news, coming soon!
What I'd still like to do with this space: Tear out that wallpaper! My original design plan involved white subway tile on both of the length-running walls, walnut floors and some paint. But, now that the stainless steel backsplash on the oven wall is growing on me, it may be more cost-effective to just add a matching backsplash on the opposite wall as well. (Half the work, half the price!)

I also want to paint a chalkboard wall on the narrow wall in the back. But, for now, this will have to do!

Notice last item on the shopping list. Check!

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